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Fixing the pallet problem

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Approximately 22% (over 9 billion board feet) of North American lumber is used for the production of shipping pallets alone.

These pallets are shipped all over the world, inadvertently transporting invasive species that live in the wood to destinations around the globe.

Pests such as the emerald ash borer and long-horned pine beetle continue to cost billions of dollars in damage and destruction – impacting the planet’s ecosystems as well as the bottom line for companies of all sizes.


Our solution

The RF Kiln Tech response

Our solution to the problem is to treat the lumber using our RF technology prior to pallet construction. With heat reaching deep into every piece of lumber, pests don’t stand a chance.

This is a turning point in the fight against alien species that are invading North America and beyond through wood packaging.


Moving forward

Research & innovation

Working with our various partners, we continue to explore the many uses and benefits of using RF technology to treat and dry lumber and other agricultural products.

We are passionate about using modern innovations to streamline and improve lumber-related processes, while protecting our forests and planet.

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