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The ultimate in wood-drying technology. Saving time and money while helping protect our forests.

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Innovative. Reliable. Safe. Easy to operate.

Our made-in-Canada, radio frequency vacuum kilns heat lumber from the inside out, resulting in faster, consistent drying with fewer defects. From shipping pallets and craft furniture making to various lumber processing industries, RF Kiln Tech kilns are the future of wood drying. Why make the switch to RF Kiln Tech?

Saves Time

Various kiln sizes to meet production needs, plus a significant reduction of up to 1/10th drying time!

Pest Control

Effective heat treatment against invasive forest pests like the emerald ash borer and long-horned pine beetle.

Fewer Defects

Reduction in defects such as cracks or warping results in the highest quality wood products.

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Our kilns are perfect for:

specialty woods, heavy stock, timbers, log & timber frame homes, live edge wood, dimensional lumber, slabs, billets … and more.

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