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RF Kiln Tech Inc. was founded by Mark Hamelin in 2015, a subsidiary of Aqua Timber, one of the pioneers in the underwater logging industry; recovering sunken timber from the bottom of lakes and rivers throughout North America.

This eco-friendly approach to business reclaiming timbers and thereby preserving today's forest has been emulated by large and small companies around the world who are looking to produce a greener footprint on our planet.

This background was the basis for RF Kiln Tech Limited, providing increased supports for the lumber industry through the manufacturing of radio frequency vacuum kilns.

While much of our business involves manufacturing drying equipment specifically for the lumber industry, we have also embarked on new innovations - using our technology to treat and dry wood chips, hemp and other agricultural products.


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At RF Kiln Tech Ltd., we understand that advancing research and development to improve processes – while reducing our ecological footprint, is a good thing.

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