Revolutionizing how wood is dried

Less time. Less energy. More savings.

Feel like you are barking up the wrong tree by using a conventional kiln that does not meet your production needs? The business case for purchasing an RF Kiln Tech vacuum kiln has never been stronger. Here are some of the reasons why you need a new kind of kiln:

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1/10th drying time

Significant reduction of up to 1/10th drying time – this avoids costly inventory caused by long drying times, freeing up cash flow to grow the business or pay for the acquisition of the RF kiln.

100% elimination of invasive forest species

RF vacuum kilns provide proven heat treatment against invasive pests like the emerald ash borer and long-horned pine beetle found in shipping pallets. Protect forests while avoiding costly delays and fumigation of wood products.

30-40% increased kiln capacity

The wood stacked into a radio frequency kiln does not require spacers or stickers, thus freeing up significant space and reducing labour costs while speeding up production.

Reduction in wood defects

Avoid costly wood shrinkage, checks and warping found with conventional kilns. RF kilns dry uniformly from the inside out, maintaining a wet external surface for a longer time, resulting in a high-quality finished product.

Safe to use

RF is a range of non-ionizing electromagnetic waves, similar to a cell phone or microwave. An amplifier generates RF at a fixed frequency, allowing control of the heat, keeping wood at a consistent temperature.

Adds value to your wood

Enjoy impressive gains to the value of your wood by speeding up production. Instead of taking weeks or months to dry large pieces (including walnut), your timber will dry much faster – and with fewer defects.

Meeting demand

Attract new business by offering fully dried, large timbers and other high-value wood products that conventional kilns cannot accommodate. Your customers get what they want and will come back for more.

Easy installation

RF kilns can be installed quickly and moved easily when renovations or expansions are required. They do not require a boiler either – freeing up floor space and equipment.

Customer buy-in

Today’s savvy consumer wants high quality products that are harvested and manufactured in an eco-conscious way. From log or timber homes to specialty stock, pallets, live-edge, and custom furniture, you simply can’t go wrong with RF kilns.

Made in Canada

RF Kiln Tech Ltd. is based in Midland, Ontario however, we ship all over North America and beyond. You get the highest quality product combined with friendly Canadian customer service.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Discover our commitment to greener initiatives.

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